Point de fuite, 2010


Bathed in red light, this installation pushes the spectator to experience an immersion into laboratory photography, where nothing, or almost nothing is visible. Only these canvases in different formats that seem untouched are set up in a space in a chaotic manner. Painted on the wall opposite, a black dot is visible by the objective of the photographic apparatus. In giving the spectator the possibility to activate the flash of the photographic machine, the dispositive localizes him and focuses his attention on a particular point, obliging him to ignore the rest of the installation. The flash of light emitted then lightens the canvases revealing images, that up till then were hidden, in a process which expresses a tension between liberty of choice of the spectator and an attitude that is completely orchestrated. By the off-going flash, the new elements that compose this installation and these times that until now were latent, impregnate themselves with new thoughts. Translating our behavior, as spectators and receptacles of these representations.